Predictions about Transportation Costs in Minneapolis for 2016


For a great number of business travelers in North America, it is interesting to know what challenges tourism industry in their country will have the next year. The most important question that most travelers are concerned about is whether transportation costs will increase, decrease or be the same in 2016? Thus, it is the right time to clarify the situation and start making predictions now. Here, we are going to tell what travelers in North America should expect the next year.

In fact, the American Express Global Business Travel has already made its predictions about transportation costs in North America for the next year. The data of the latest forecast show that transportation costs in North America will increase in 2016. However, the increase in transportation costs is expected to be minimal.

Talking about the United States, it is necessary to note that the country has demonstrated steady growth this year. The demand for travel and transportation services has increased as well. Another important fact is that a lot of companies offer short-haul flights in the country these days. So, due to high level competition the prices on airplane tickets in the U.S. will hardly have a significant increase in 2016. However, the same can’t be said about long-haul flights to Asia and Latin America. The prices on this type of flights will probably change the next year.

If we analyze the predictions about transportation costs in Canada for 2016 we will see that the prices on short and long-haul flights are likely to decrease the next year. However, the decrease in prices is not going to be significant. Such situation can be explained by the fact that oil prices are constantly decreasing and airline industry remain to be highly competitive in Canada.

Now, let’s talk about ground transportation costs in Minneapolis. The prices on ground transportation services are going to increase in many countries of North America the next year, according to the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast 2016. Small sized businesses which operate in ground transportation industry are going to show the huge increase in prices the next year. So, we can come to the point that ground transportation is going to become more expensive in North America the next year.

Local limousine company, Star Transportation, has debuted a new shuttle service from Minneapolis MSP airport to Rochester. Shuttle services can be designed to be a high end shuttle for travelers coming into airports MSP or Rochester. Even with transportation costs rising in the coming year, it is a good illustration that the volume of travelers can overcome higher costs. We can expect to see new services by transportation companies in the near future.

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