Twin Cities Transportation Costs vs. Europe for 2016


While we are most concerned about the Twin Cities, we can look to Europe to discover trends. European travelers shouldn’t worry about air transportation costs these days. The prices on airline tickets in Europe will not change significantly the next year. It is expected that airline ticket prices will remain to be stable in 2016. However, premium cabin travel costs in Europe are predicted to have an increase the next year.

Of course, air prices may change in different parts of Europe. It is worth saying that the demand for travel is constantly increasing and a lot of new routes have been added among airlines in the United Kingdom. However, the data of the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast 2016 show that the air prices will probably remain to be stable in the country.

Special attention should be drawn to the fact that Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) have vastly spread across the Nordic countries. Thus, people can benefit from new means of transportation that is more efficient and affordable. Obviously, low cost carriers will have a huge impact on transportation costs throughout Europe. That’s why air prices are expected not to increase in the Nordic countries significantly the next year.

The prices on ground transportation services may change in 2016. In fact, there are several factors which can influence the costs of transportation in Europe the next year. The point is that competition in the transportation sector of Europe is going to increase in 2016. On the other hand, the demand for transportation is expected to grow slightly. We can also predict that more fuel-efficient vehicles will have an influence on transportation costs in Europe the next year.

As to the rates for ground transportation in Europe, they are going to increase in 2016. Also, it is necessary to say that a lot of European car rental companies are going to invest a lot of money in their businesses in the nearest future. This news is especially important to travelers who are planning to visit Europe the next year. They should know that most likely that the rates of car rental services will increase so much in Europe in 2016.

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