Update On Light Rail Debate for SW Corridor

A debate has been taking place over the Light Rail issue in Minneapolis, and it has caught the attention of a lot of people. There is divided interest as to what is going to happen and how the vote is going to go.

There is a lot of misinformation that is being passed around concerning this subject, and that is why it is important to address the topic head on. Let’s see what the “light rail” debate encompasses and why it is drawing a lot of attention in the area.

Reduction Of Traffic And Becoming Eco-Friendly
The project is based on reducing traffic in the western suburbs. In fact, these projects have been going around for a while in other parts of America. Minneapolis is looking to join in and start to reduce its traffic concerns as well. The “light rail” project is supposed to be a solution to this nuisance and will be able to make amends to what has been taking place in the area.

Those who are for it believe the money being put in is going to be worth it for a better-running traffic system and eco-friendliness in general.

Heavy Taxation
These changes are subtle, and no one disagrees with them, but what about the taxation that is going to take place to get the job done? Someone has to pay for it, and that is where the taxpayers come in. There are supposed to be hikes in how much will be paid, and that is not something people are on board with. Even businesses are getting involved, like Bloomington Limo, who says that their shuttle service can assist commuters to the southwest for much cheaper, as can other smaller coach and bus services.

They believe the federal government should be footing more of the bill, and this is where the line is being drawn. They feel a lot of money is being funnelled to other aspects such as defense projects.

What will happen? The debate should rage on as the vote nears.